Ideas in the classroom: Online workshops for educators | December 2020 - Εικόνα

Art in the Classroom: The idea of upcycling for primary school teachers

How do everyday materials become works of art? How does upcycling relate to the movements of Dadaism, Neorealism and Arte Povera? Are you familiar with the sculpted trophy of the César Awards? Out of what exhibit did John Lennon take a bite at a London exhibition? Since when have recyclable materials been exhibited at museums? And how does modern-day conceptual art peg a banana on a wall and turn it into a concept?

Students are invited to observe the objects around them and change their daily lives by getting to know the challenge of upcycling in the classroom! Taking on the role of hunters of objects, images, words and simple everyday materials, students create their own sculptures, poems, mock-ups, ephemeral artworks, in order to convey their own ideas and meanings within the classroom.

Design - Implementation: Christina Tsinisizeli, visual artist

Wednesday 16/12 | 18.30 



Sustainability in the Classroom: Learning from Collections

What do a bell pepper from our fridge, an origami flowerpot, 17th-century Cabinets of Curiosities and modern-day school have in common? How can the historical development of museums make a school walk in a park more fun, and how can we be surprised by an idea of Michel Foucault within a school hour? How could we understand material culture if museums, explanatory texts and guides suddenly disappeared, and what role can a hamburger and a peach play in this project? 

Teachers and students are invited to experiment in the classroom with informal education tools, and enrich their daily lives with cross-disciplinary activities and “green” ideas, create new collections and learn from them.

Design - Implementation: Kalliopi Koutroumpi

Thursday 17/12 | 18.30