Ideas in the classroom: Online workshops for educators - Εικόνα

The SNFCC’s School Programs travel to the classroom and invite the students to learn about, explore and try out innovative ideas and landmark concepts from the realm of art, sustainability and public space.

Through short (40 min) online sessions for primary and secondary school teachers, we will present simple, small-scale activities for the classroom, and provide the necessary educational materials that participants can utilize in their classrooms after the session. 

The sessions and educational materials are provided free of charge, thanks to a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. 


The following two programs are independent and not part of a workshops' series.

Art in the classroom: The upcycling concept - for Primary School teachers

How can everyday materials become works of art?
What connects upcycling to the movements of Dadaism, Neorealism and Arte Povera? Have you heard of the sculpted trophy of the Casar Awards? What exhibit did John Lennon bite in an exhibition in London? Since when have recyclable materials been exhibited in museums? And how does conceptual art stick a banana onto a wall and turn it into a concept?
The students are invited to observe the objects around them and change their everyday life, taking up the challenge of upcycling within the classroom! Adopting the role of hunters for objects, images, words and simple, everyday materials, the students create their own sculptures, poems, models, and temporary artworks, in order to convey their ideas and their own meanings to the class. 

Online sessions will be held on November 21 at 11:00. 
Participation is free by online registration

For group bookings by primary education organizations or schools, please contact us by email at


Art in the Classroom: A journey through comics (aka the 9th Art) - for Secondary School teachers

Why did the “text-and-image” hybrid become so popular? Which creative means did the precursors of cartooning use in the Lascaux Cave?  What tale do the adventures of Rodolphe Topffer, father of the modern comic strip, tell, and who is the bald character who appeared on badges and gadgets from the late 19th century?
What connects comics to superhero culture, the pop art movement, philosophy, Shakespeare, mathematics and politics? 
Through the concept of “A journey within the school”, the students learn about art comics, discover the codes and terminology of comic strips, and get to know the stages of an illustrated story. The students become cartoonists, transfer their own scripts onto paper and use the scenography of comics to convey their contemporary age. 

Online sessions will be held on November 14 at 11:00. 
Participation is free by online registration.

For group bookings by secondary education organizations or schools, please contact us by email at