SNFCC Class - Εικόνα

General Information

  • SNFCC Class is the educational platform of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) for teachers and students. It allows teachers to access complete digital lessons and implement them in their classroom.

  • The platform is aimed at teachers who want to approach sustainability lessons in an alternative way, in order to supplement their class material and spend creative time with their students.

  • SNFCC Class courses, as well as all the school programs of the SNFCC, are offered free of charge thanks to the exclusive donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

  • Currently, the Sustainability section has been activated with 2 courses: "The climate is changing", which concerns junior high school students, and the "Sustainable Planet", which is addressed to students from third to sixth grade.
    The corresponding programs will soon be available for primary school students, as well as older high school students.

  • Currently we have 2 courses available on the topic of "Sustainability", while another 4 courses are in preparation. More specifically, in the near future, "One city, one ecosystem", will be offered for high school students, while for primary school pupils, "Stavros Niarchos Park travels" will be available. Next spring, SNFCC Class will be enriched with 2 more programs in the context of celebrating our anniversary year.

  • A brief description of the programs is available on our website.

Registration and use of SNFCC Class

  • The program can be taught either in the classroom with a computer and projector or interactive whiteboard, or remotely through distance learning and screen sharing. 

  • If you have registered and proceeded to other sections but wish to return to the home page, you can click on the SNFCC logo at the top left of the screen.

  • The programs are designed for computer or laptop. The user experience may not be as relaxed or complete on a tablet. It is not recommended to carry out the program via mobile.

  • You can run the program as many times as you wish in order to try it out. If you want to implement it for a different department, we suggest that you re-register, so that the certificate states the respective department.

About the courses

  • The course is suitable for distance learning. All the teacher needs to do is use the share screen function to display the content to their class.

  • It depends on the approach of the teacher. It is estimated that 2 to 3 teaching hours will be required.

  • If you need printed material, please contact us at In a distance learning course, we suggest implementing the program with screen sharing.

  • The course is directly connected to the curriculum of each class. Detailed information is available in the "Material for teachers", which you will have access to once you complete your registration.

  • If you need more time to complete the program, please email at least 3 business days before the expiry date to get the desired extension.

  • To proceed to the next stop you must have completed all the previous ones. But you can view their topics briefly by passing the cursor over each station. 

  • Each map stop symbol refers to the category that you will explore with the class. The book symbolizes lesson theory along with interactive games and quizzes, camera videos, puzzle teamwork, finish line and certificate.

  • The platform automatically saves all the movements up to the last section that has been completed.

  • You can implement the course with different departments. However, we suggest that you re-register so that the certificate refers to the correct department. In the new registration you can use the same data and e-mail again, differentiating the school department or any other fields deemed necessary.

Teacher materials and certificate of attendance

  • "Material for teachers" is available once you complete your registration. If you have already moved on to another section and want to return, you can select "available courses" and then "all courses" in the left navigation bar. For your convenience, you can click here.

  • The course certificate will appear on the platform upon completion of the course. It will also be sent to your email. If you try the course yourself, before presenting it in class, you will receive the certificate twice.

  • The certificate of attendance is a group acknowledgement and covers the whole class!

  • Before completing the program, you will have access to the evaluation form. It will also be emailed to you upon completion of the program.

Accessing posted work on SNFCC Class

  • There is a point within the course where the school class uploads its work to the platform. At that stage, everyone can view both the work of their own team and that of other school groups who have completed the course.

  • Students have access through their teacher's profile. In the next phase, the projects will be uploaded on the website of the SNFCC, where they will be available to everyone.

  • SNFCC Class platform is designed specifically for schools. There are many online activities open to everyone on the SNFCC .website. You will also find suggested activities for students there.


  • Detailed information about the courses and the operation of the platform is contained in the material for teachers which you will find here after you register on the platform. If you have further questions, we will be happy to assist you, preferably at or alternatively on 2168091005.

  • We suggest you contact us via e-mail at or alternatively by phone on 216 809 1005.