Theater Design: The Tools of Transformation - Εικόνα

A workshop by set and costume designer Angelos Mentis

Theater – the reflection of life in the mirror of imagination – conjures through its magic filters figures of mortals, gods and demons, in a wonderful, inexhaustible variety. Recognizable everyday beings, creatures deformed by extreme emotions – tragic, majestic, terrifying, dangerous, idiosyncratic, eccentric, funny, ridiculous, cute, fantastical. Deities, titans, heroes, tyrants, elves, spirits, satyrs, beauties, monsters, birds, frogs, dragons, witches, jesters, cunning servants, arrogant masters, loving couples, perpetrators and victims.

What is our own visual understanding of a play? How do we approach and flesh out a part? What do we imagine it to look like? How do we nurture imagination and harness its transformative power creatively? How can art and nature help in this? How do we encourage sensitivity and freedom, which children naturally display during playtime? What would our imaginary stage set, our imaginary actors, our own theater production look like?

By mixing up images, materials and props, we will develop our own vision for characters that are very different in style and personality, in space and time from each other.

Design-Implementation: Angelos Mentis 


Saturday 01, 08/06 | 17.00 - 20.00

For adults
Up to 20 participants
Free admission via online preregistration (the workshop is conducted in Greek)

For the workshops held from 01.06 - 07.06, preregistration starts on Monday 27/05 at 12.00

For the workshops held from 08.06 - 15.06, preregistration starts on Friday 31/05 at 12.00

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