Tania Giannouli Trio - Εικόνα

The up-and-coming composer and pianist Tania Giannouli and two other acclaimed Greek musical artists – Andreas Polyzogopoulos (trumpet) and Kyriakos Tapakis (oud) – make up a unique trio, performing exciting arrangements of an idiosyncratic blend of music, blurring the boundaries between East and West. Hot on the heels of its sold-out performance at the Berliner Festspiele, in its Lighthouse concert the Tania Giannouli Trio will present as yet unreleased material from its upcoming album.

Spanning a remarkable range of styles, Tania Giannouli’s music is hard to tag, as it is inspired by many different traditions. What we do know, however, is that her music “invites the listener to dream of eternity.” (Jazzspace)


Tania Giannouli, piano

Andreas Polyzogopoulos, trumpet

Kyriakos Tapakis, oud


Sunday 13/01 | 21.00

Free admission, on a first-come first-served basis

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