Talking Covers: Κύκλος εργαστηρίων οπτικής ποίησης  - Εικόνα

Teenagers create covers for their own music albums, personal portfolios, or poetry collections, using a series of artistic practices linking word and image (calligramme, surrealistic typography, plastic poetry, selfie poetry, ready-made poetry). Taking our cues from Jindich Heisler's surrealistic font and the experimental "underground" typography of surrealistic books, participants synthesize image and text, seeking original forms and spontaneous design techniques. You can bring your favorite song lyrics or poems – whether your own, or by your favorite artists or poets.

Design–Implementation: Very Young Contemporary Art (VYCA) and the visual artist and professor Alexandros Psychoulis, University of Thessaly

For children 13-18 years old                                                                      

Electronic booking for the workshop will be available on Wednesday 30/05, at 12.00 noon.

The links for the pre-registrations are being sent via the SNFCC Members Newsletter.

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