Episode 12: At Mrs. Vlefaridou's art studio: The last episode of the year - Εικόνα

This November, Mrs. Vlefaridou welcomes us in her new art studio!

During her previous adventures, Mrs. Vlefaridou carried out her workshops in amazing scenes and places, like the Louvre museum, the Parisian artistic café The Black Cat, the cottage of Granny Screenprinting, her own living room, the park, the beach, as well as the camping site of Super Hippie.

After all that fun wandering, she decided to house her artistic interests in a brand new art studio. This November, every Saturday, our beloved Mrs. Vlefaridou will broadcast from her studio that is equipped with all the necessary tools and materials. By her side, the Computer Pi-Ma-Xi will give us every time the reason to create a unique and original artwork, inspired by the news, an artistic event or a figure from the history of art.

Concept, text, workshop presentation, painting, creations, Mrs. Vlefaridou: Aggeliki Bozou
Music, text, montage, Computer Pi-Ma-Xi: Thanos Kosmidis


Watch the previous adventures of Mrs. Vlefaridouhttps://bit.ly/3dboIay

Saturday 07, 14, 21, 28/11 | 11.00
For children aged 5+


Episode 6

At Mrs. Vlefaridou’s art studio: The surrealists game

Mrs. Vlefaridou had a very strange dream, so strange that Pi-Ma-Xi called it: sur-real! But what is "surrealism" in art? Where did it start? and how can we recognize it? Mrs. Vlefaridou and Pi-Ma-Xi reveal the secret games of the surrealists that make the imagination run wild… on flowering meadows and snowy slopes!

Watch the episode here (in Greek)


Episode 7

At Mrs. Vlefaridou’s art studio: Ideas Factory

Mrs. Vlefaridou is having trouble starting her new painting. She feels that her inspiration has abandoned her and finds excuses to avoid painting. However, her good friend, Computer Pi-Ma-Xi, will help her in trusting herself again by suggesting practical ways to manage her ideas.

Watch the episode here (in Greek)


Episode 8

At Mrs. Vlefaridou’s art studio: Colored scores

From a young age, Pi-Ma-Xi felt that some paintings had some rhythm that made them look like peculiar music scores. So he created an audiovisual software that translates shapes, colors and lines into music! Zografia Vlefaridou feels excited and tries the software on paintings of Paul Klee. But what if they try the opposite, to create a painting from music?

Watch the episode here (in Greek)


Episode 9

At Mrs. Vlefaridou’s art studio: There is also the "ugly" painting

Mrs. Vlefaridou's best friend, Handicraft Manufactura, organizes an art exhibition but she is concerned about the work presented. She asks Zografia and Pi-Ma-Xi to help her, answering important questions about contemporary art and its particularities.

Does art always have to capture something beautiful? Or is there "ugly" painting? Let's see what Mrs. Blefaridou has to say.

Watch the episode soon here (in Greek)


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