#snfccAtHome: At Mrs. Vlefaridou’s art studio - Εικόνα

Mrs. Vlefaridou returns!

During her previous adventures, Mrs. Vlefaridou carried out her workshops in amazing scenes and places, like the Louvre museum, the Parisian artistic café The Black Cat, the cottage of Granny Screenprinting, her own living room, the park, the beach, as well as the camping site of Super Hippie.

After all that fun wandering, she decided to house her artistic interests in a brand new art studio. Starting October, every Saturday, our beloved Mrs. Vlefaridou will broadcast from her studio that is equipped with all the necessary tools and materials. By her side, the Computer Pi-Ma-Xi will give us every time the reason to create a unique and original artwork, inspired by the news, an artistic event or a figure from the history of art.

Concept, text, workshop presentation, painting, creations, Mrs. Vlefaridou: Aggeliki Bozou
Music, text, montage, Computer Pi-Ma-Xi: Thanos Kosmidis


Saturday 03, 10, 17, 24, 31/10 | 11.00
For children aged 5+


Episode 1

At Mrs. Vlefaridou’s art studio: Looking at upside-down paintings

Pi-Ma-Xi reads an article in an old newspaper of 1961, concerning an Henri Matisse painting, known as ”Le bateau” (The Boat), which makes him laugh. The painting had accidentally been displayed upside down at the Museum of New York for 47 days until someone noticed the mistake.

During this workshop, Mrs. Vlefaridou, accompanied by Pi-Ma-Xi, discover and present  ways to have fun while painting upside down.   

Watch the first episode here (in Greek)


Episode 2

At Mrs. Vlefaridou’s art studio: A box in the museum

What is a shoe box doing on the floor of an art exhibition? Maybe someone forgot it! -Or maybe someone put it there on purpose? Is it an art exhibit? And what does the artist mean by that?

On the occasion of the Empty Shoe Box by Gabriel Orozco, Mrs. Vlefaridou and Pi-Ma-Xi take us on a tour in the world of Marcel Duchamp and the first readymades in the history of art.

Watch the second episode here (in Greek)


Episode 3

At Mrs. Vlefaridou's art studio: Stories for Lisa

Pi-Ma-Xi tests Mrs. Vlefaridou's knowledge in a quiz that ends up solving the greatest mysteries in the history of art.

Their research focuses on the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting that has enchanted with its secrets scientists and public for centuries! The painting is no other than the unique portrait of Mona Lisa. Discover with us the legends and truths for Lisa.

Watch the third episode here (in Greek)


Episode 4

At Mrs. Vlefaridou's art studio: Why so many dots Yayoi?

Pi-Ma-Xi coughs, sneezes and has colourful dots all over him! Looking back at the history of art, Mrs. Vlefaridou discovers thousands of dots in paintings, from the 19th century Pointillist to pop-art and the art universe of Yayoi Kusama! 

This way, Mrs. Vlefaridou will try to cure her friend by taking all the dots back to the paper!

Watch the fourth episode here (in Greek)


Episode 5 
At Mrs. Vlefaridou's art studio: Secrets from the depths of the caves 

On the occasion of PiMaXi and Zografia Vlefaridou's paintings, a great journey to the past begins. Through cave paintings, we discover how prehistoric people lived. All the clues we need are carved on the rocks. Will our friends be able to decipher all the messages of the past?

Watch the fifth episode here (in Greek)


Watch the previous adventures of Mrs. Eyelashes: : https://bit.ly/3dboIay

The digital content created as part of the SNFCC’s events programming comes under a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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