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Listen to the recorded concert of Billy Pod:

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In July 2019, jazz composer and musician Billy Pod (Vassilis Podaras) presented his first album, Drums to Heal Society, released in February, at the SNFCC.

In his first solo release, which has already attracted international media attention and garnered excellent reviews, Billy Pod fuses contemporary jazz and electropop, rock and free improv, creating a modern, prismatic sound.

Best known as the drummer of The Next Step Quintet, as well as from his participation in several jazz groups, Billy Pod is one of the busiest drummers in the Greek music scene. He has performed in concert venues and festivals all over Europe, America and Asia.

Φωτογραφία του Billy Pod

The concert's program

  • Void (composer: Vassilis Podaras)
  • Minor Mystery (composer: Vassilis Podaras / Yiannis Papadopoulos) 
  • Reminisence (composer: Vassilis Podaras) 
  • L (composer: Vassilis Podaras) 
  • One Heart (composer: Vassilis Podaras) 
  • Limit to your love (composer: Feist / Jason Charles Beck)
  • Dark Passenger (composer: Vassilis Podaras / Yiannis Papadopoulos) 
  • Billy Pod (composer: George Kontrafouris) 
  • Drums To Heal Society (composer: Vassilis Podaras) 
  • Connection (composer: Vassilis Podaras / Yiannis Papadopoulos / Thodoris Kotsifas/ Konstantinos Manos / Orfeas Tsoukalas) 
  • Healing (composer: Vassilis Podaras)


A warm thank you to the musicians of the concert:

Vassilis Podaras (Billy Pod), drums
Kimon Karoutzos, double bass
Michalis Tsiftsis, guitar
Yiannis Papadopoulos, piano
Jannis Anastasakis, electronics


Sound engineer: View Master Films
Mixing/mastering: Giorgos Mantas

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