SNFCC Sessions: Andrew Weatherall - Εικόνα

SNFCC Sessions return to SNFCC:  A series of music encounters featuring international and Greek guests in events combining open discussions and DJ sets or live performances.

The next guest in SNFCC Sessions is Andrew Weatherall, a leading British electronica DJ and producer. 

In 1991, Andrew Weatherall put on his producer’s hat and has helped Primal Scream to deliver one of the most definitive albums in the history of British pop, Screamadelica. Blurring the boundaries between rock and dance music, this album made the music press coin a new term to describe it: “rave 'n' roll.” This is the briefest possible bio for Weatherall, a musical artist who has been reinventing himself in a variety of guises, for more than three decades now. 

He is one of the most eclectic DJs of all times, equally able to make people dance in a rockabilly or a dub set. He is a sought-after remixer, whose unique approach has been used by artists including Happy Mondays (his studio debut was his remix of “Hallelujah”), Bjork, Siouxsie Sioux, The Orb, The Future Sound of London, New Order, Manic Street Preachers, My Bloody Valentine, Saint Etienne, and James. As a producer, he has launched to fame artists such as Beth Orton and Fuck Buttons; he has been member of memorable groups including 2 Lone Swordsmen, Sabres of Paradise and, more recently, the Asphodells.

Amidst all this creative activity, his first solo release came out only in 2006. Since then, he has constantly been adding to his personal discography; his latest releases included Qualia in 2017 and two EPs in 2018. 

A devotee of pop culture,  Andrew Weatherall claims that the history of pop music is endlessly fascinating because of its intrinsic democracy. Weatherall has cited humor as an important component in his musical ideology. He is also a great conversationalist in a number of topics, ranging from literature and poetry to fashion and the arts, and how these shape youth culture. 

To top it all: He was there – playing a key role – in almost all musical styles since the mid-1980s. 

Moderated by journalist and radio producer Panagiotis Menegos.


Sunday 10/02 

20.00: Open discussion with Panagiotis Menegos
21.00: DJ Set

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