SNFCC Members Off the Premises: Three days in Vamvakou of Lakonia! - Εικόνα

Members get to know the village of Vamvakou!

Built in the 15th century on the western slopes of Mount Parnonas, at an altitude of 903 meters, surrounded by fir, walnut, and chestnut trees. The village is steeped in historical and cultural heritage and rich in natural resources and beauty.

On a three-day visit to the village that is Stavros Niarchos’s place of origin, and where the Vamvakou Revival Initiative is being implemented with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), we will enjoy a comprehensive experience of recreation, knowledge and contact with the community of Vamvakou and the natural wealth of Mount Parnon. The SNFCC Membership Program, in collaboration with the team of Vamvakou Revival, have put together a special transportation, accommodation and activities package, exclusively for the Members of the SNFCC.


Friday, May 26, through Sunday, May 28, 2023


Up to 32 participants* – Members only

Excursion Program

Friday, May 26
14.00: Departure from Athens 
17.00: Arrival in Vamvakou  
17.00–18.00: Checking into the accommodation units  
18.00: Meet-up at the village square  
18.00–19.30: Guided tour of the village and presentation of the Vamvakou Revival project  
20.00: Dinner at Voureiko café-restaurant and musical evening
Saturday, May 27
8.30–10.00: Breakfast:  
10.00–12.00: 1st Activity (Hiking or Yoga or Cycling)
12.00–14.00: 2nd Activity (Aromatherapy or Environmental Program) & Parallel participation of children in an educational program  
14.00–17.30: Rest (optional)  
17.30–19.30: 3rd Activity (Pottery or Weaving)
20.00: Dinner at Voureiko café-restaurant and Stargazing on Mount Parnon
Sunday, May 28
8.30–10.00: Breakfast 
10.00–12.00: 4th Activity (Hiking or Yoga or Cycling)
12.00–14.00: 5th Activity (Cooking class) & Parallel participation of children in an educational program  
14.30: Lunch picnic
16.00: Departure from Vamvakou

* A minimum of 15 participants is required for the excursion to take place.

* Due to the limited number of seats, participation is limited only to SNFCC Members with an active subscription at the time of the excursion.

Members’ accommodation will be provided at the two available units of the village, the Vamvakou Traditional Guesthouse and Guesthouse Ruga of Vamvakou. Room options: double, triple, quad. Both units provide breakfast at no additional cost.

Ruga of Vamvakou Homes

Guesthouse Ruga of Vamvakou is a unit with 6 rooms of exceptional decoration, aesthetics and respect for traditional materials.

Prices (per person):

  • Double room (price per person €45/night)
  • Quad room (price per person €25/night)

Important Information: The beds in the rooms are double beds and cannot be separated into two single beds.

Vamvakou Traditional Guesthouse

The Traditional Guesthouse is the renovated old guesthouse of the village, fully equipped to meet visitors’ needs.

Prices (per person):

  • Double room (price per person €25/night)
  • Triple room (price per person €18,40/night)


The cost of the excursion includes two dinners at Voureiko café-restaurant worth €25/person/day. Sunday’s picnic lunch is provided to participants free of charge, courtesy of the SNFCC Membership Program.

The Menu:

Friday, May 26

  • Green salad with citrus vinaigrette & hazelnuts (1 every 4 persons)
  • Greens pies (every 4 persons)
  • Round fillet of veal au vin with vegetables and linguini (per person)
  • Milk chocolate mousse on walnut pie (per person) 

Saturday, Feb. 27

  • Village salad (1 every 4 persons)
  • Village cheese pie (1 every 4 persons)
  • Pork loin medallion with grilled tomatoes and French fries (per person)
  • Mille-feuille with Chios mastic cream (per person)

The price/person includes the option of ½ kg of wine every four persons, or 1 soda or beer per person.

Sunday, May 28

  • Lunch snack

Members who do not wish to dine at the above restaurants may do so, but since the cost/person calculation needs to be specified, participation in the excursion requires payment of the cost of meals regardless of the establishment that will be chosen.

For the transportation to and from the village of Vamvakou, a private bus of the company Luxury Transfers will be used. Our point of departure on May 26, and point of arrival on May 28, is the SNFCC shuttle bus stop.

26/5 – Departure time from the SNFCC: 14.00

28/5 – Departure time from Vamvakou: 16.00

Roundtrip transportation price per person: € 35,2

Members wishing to participate in the excursion using their own private vehicle may do so, but since the cost/person calculation needs to be specified, participation in the excursion requires payment of the transportation cost regardless of the mode of transport employed.


Participation in Activities
The SNFCC Membership Program and Vamvakou Revival have put together a program of selected activities that are offered free of charge. In addition, optional activities are offered at an additional cost/person.

Activities with free participation for all Members:

  • Guided tour of the village and presentation of the Vamvakou Revival project
  • Musical evening at Voureiko
  • Stargazing on Mount Parnon
  • Cooking class + Picnic lunch box
  • Educational programs for children, if there are any entries


Activities at an additional cost (optional):

  • Hiking (€20/person) 
  • Yoga (€15/person) 
  • Cycling (€10/person) 
  • Aromatherapy (€15/person) 
  • Environmental Program (€15/person) 
  • Pottery (€15/person) 
  • Weaving (€15/person) 

Minimum number of participants/activity: 15 Members

Maximum number of participants/activity: 20 Members

All activities in the village are part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative, which is implemented with an exclusive donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).


Reservation Process

Phase 1

Interested Members are kindly requested to fill out the following expression of interest form, from 17/03/2023 to 26/03/2023, selecting the accommodation and number of beds they would like to reserve.


Important information before filling out the form:

  • Filling out this form places your request in order of priority in terms of participation interest and type of accommodation but does not guarantee that you will be able to participate in the excursion.
  • In the expression of interest form, you may provide the details of a Member with whom you would like to share accommodation. Members you have included in your form do not need to fill out a separate expression of interest form.
  • Please indicate in the Expression of Interest Form if you wish to have a Vegetarian Menu during the excursion.
  • Please read here the terms and conditions for participation in the excursion.


Phase 2

Upon filling out the expression of interest form, a representative of the travel agency Magna Travel will contact you, at the contact information you have provided, in order to confirm your reservation, payment process and possible sign-up in optional activities. Members will be contacted in order of priority and depending on their choice of accommodation and room type.

Bookings will be considered valid upon confirmation of the reservation by the travel agency and payment of the full amount. The total amount for your participation will be calculated by the Travel Agency based on the accommodation you choose, and must be paid in full by March 31, 2023, at the latest.


Payment Options:

1. Bank transfer

2. Credit card, at an additional fee (credit card fee)

Payment deadline: March 31st, 2023


Cancellation of participation

You may cancel your participation free of charge until April 24, 2023. If your participation is canceled past the aforementioned date, the amount paid for your participation will not be refunded. Please also consult the Terms & Conditions for Participation.


Terms and Conditions for Participation

Frequently Asked Questions


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