Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors - Εικόνα

Music Escapades presents Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors, who perform at SNFCC their self-titled album, released in 2018, as well as tracks from Prins Obi's earlier two releases.

Dream Warriors accompany Prins Obi on an inner voyage of high expressive power, in a psychedelic audiovisual stage set. The sensual textures, resonating presence of instruments, the musicians’ expressions and movements, the evocative lighting – the unique atmosphere of their live appearances – are all elements that contribute to the band’s unmistakable identity. With their strong personal presence, they take us along on a journey to music that seems to come from another era, in a retro style imbued with postmodern and contemporary elements.

The album to be performed at SNFCC, Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors, is the debut of the Athenian underground supergroup and Prins Obi's third release after The Age of Tourlou.

Georgios Dimakis (Prins Obi), Sérgios Voúdris, Pantelis Karasevdas, Kwstas Red Hood, Chris Bkrs and Christina Koziraki


Saturday 18/05 | 21.00

Free admission

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