The Park’s Gardeners: A Mediterranean garden on our balcony| SNFCC - Εικόνα

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In Greece, like in many other Mediterranean regions, we are in a position to utilize a wide range of native plants, owing to the interaction of the Mediterranean climate with the country’s terrain. 

The cultivation of more and more Mediterranean plants in their native areas or in those where the climate is similar helps to save water, due to their resilience to the extreme temperatures of summer, and goes some way towards easing the effects of climate change. 

How can we create a Mediterranean garden on our balcony, and which factors do we need to take into account to help it thrive?

In this video, coming to you from the spring-time setting of the Stavros Niarchos Park, the agriculturalist, landscape architect and producer Giannis Gryllis introduces us to an exciting range of Mediterranean plants that grow in the Park, from olive and carob trees to shrubs such as pistacia and myrtle, as well as lavender, sage and helichrysum. Revealing little secrets about their cultivation, he encourages us to create our own miniature gardens on our balconies.   

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