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Music Documentaries at the SNFCC: Cinema with the volume turned up!

Cinema and music have long gone hand-in-hand – even before the addition of sound to film. And if it’s pictures that usually steal the show, cinema has given music an entire cinematic genre, musicals, and paid tribute to its creators through musical documentaries that have their own dedicated audience and raison d'être. 

Three of those join this year’s line up of summer film projections at the SNFCC, so we can all sing along to songs that make up the soundtrack of our lives, and get ourselves into the mood for the live concerts that we hope we’ll soon be enjoying once again. 
Amy (2015):
Using unpublished archival material, the multi-award-winning director Asif Kapadia (Senna) shines the spotlight onto the illustrious career of the impactful soul/jazz singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, and her premature, tragic end at the age of only just 27. The portrait of the six times Grammy Award winning musician is sketched through her own words, homemade videos and interviews with her friends, family and colleagues. A wild, explosive, larger-than-life personality in an excellent documentary that won an Oscar, BAFTA and Grammy award. 

Director: Asif Kapadia
Duration: 128΄
Wednesday 21/07 | 21:00
Free entry.
For your own safety and in order to maintain safety distances as defined by the National Public Health Organization, we have designed a special layout for the Great Lawn, with signs indicating the spots that may be occupied by groups of 2 people or families of up to 4 members. 

The use of a mask and observance of safety distances are compulsory throughout your stay in the SNFCC’s indoor and outdoor spaces, in accordance with National Public Health Organization protection measures. 

* Visitors are advised to bring insect repellent, and a mat or throw to spread on the ground. 

There will be no waiting list. In accordance with COVID-19 protection measures, in the event that the maximum number of visitors permitted at the Great Lawn is exceeded, the projection will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding. 

Due to public health protection measures, the details of the event are subject to change. 

The Park Your Cinema, Park Your Cinema Docs and Park Your Cinema Kids programs are provided free of charge thanks to an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). 


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