From Monumental Sculpture to Street Art - Εικόνα

Taking as his starting point the George Zongolopoulos exhibition, Thanassis Moutsopoulos, Associate Professor of Art History and Theory of Culture, University of Crete, launches a series of lectures on the evolution of art in public space.

Squeezed between timeless marble statues and illegal graffiti on building walls, public art in Athens seems to be a lost cause. In addition to neoclassical architecture, Athens inherited some dozens of statues and busts of heroes of the War of Independence, members of secret societies working to prepare the War, and philhellenes. Later on, politicians (inevitably) became the new heroes, and new statues, of soldiers, mayors, poets, actors, came to be installed beside earlier ones.

Twentieth-century Modernism, however, opened new horizons in sculpture: Experimentation was the order of the day in countries ranging from France to the Soviet Union. The focus ultimately shifted from the aesthetic form to the increasingly weird role of monumental art in a metropolis, and a society, that changed dramatically over the last century.


Wednesday 13/02, 19.00-21.00 | From Classical to Modern Sculpture
Pre-registration starting on Thursday 07/02 at 12.00.

Wednesday 27/02, 19.00-21.00 | Art in Public Space
Pre-registration starting on Thursday 21/02 at 12.00.

Free admission by online pre-registration here (the event is conducted in Greek).

*Simultaneous Greek Sign Language interpretation will be provided.

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