Laser, Run & Fencing - Εικόνα

An original Triathlon race at the Running Track of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC). Visitors will be informed about the following three sports: Shooting (with Laser), Running and Fencing, in which they will then take part both individually and competitively.

Design and Implementation: Regeneration & Progress

Sunday 12/03 | 11.30-13.30


11.30-12.30 for adults, up to 40 entries
12.30-13.30 for children 6-12 years old, up to 40 entries


Adult's category:

400 meter run, shooting hit 5 targets, 400 meter run, hit 5 light reaction targets with fencing training swords, 400 meter run.

Children's category:

300m run, shoot from a prone position, hit 5 targets, 300m Run, hit 5 light reaction targets with fencing swords, 300m Run.

Free admission by online pre-registration

For the activity on 12/03, pre-registration starts on 06/03 at 12.00


  • For your participation, you have to be at the allocated space 15 minutes before the event commences.
  • Online reservations are canceled 15 minutes before the event commences, if their holders are not present at the allocated space.


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