Introduction to the inclusive sport of Colpbol - Εικόνα

Colpbol is defined as a collective "invasion" sport, played by two mixed teams of 7 athletes (players), in a predetermined area, with the aim of getting a ball into the opponent's goal by hitting it with the hands. The main skill is hitting. The ball can only be hit with the hands, arms, or upper body and no athlete can hit the ball twice in a row.

Design-Implementation: Regeneration & Progress

Sunday 04/12 | 11.00-12.00


For participants aged 6 and over
Up to 20 entries per slot (30') 


Free admission with online pre-registration.

  • For your participation, you have to be at the allocated space 15 minutes before the event commences.
  • Online reservations are canceled 15 minutes before the event commences, if their holders are not present at the allocated space.

Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding 

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