Dimitris Hatzis: Saint George - Εικόνα

In 2018/19, Parabases, SNFCC’s Readers Theater, transform the Lighthouse into a literary salon, where leading actors share with the public short stories by great writers. Unmissable Sunday afternoons dedicated to masters of small-form writing, in rehearsed readings designed for modern audiences.

In February, Parabases bring to life for the audience of SNFCC one of the best short stories by Dimitris Hatzis, “Saint George,” in a theatrical reading staged by Argyro Chioti (in Greek).

The story takes us into the hospitable and quiet home of Stamatis and Katerina, in an outer Athens neighborhood. A young and beautiful couple moves next to them, only to lead the dysmorphic couple to despair by their friendship, making them aware of the limitations of their life, after many years.

Dimitris Hatzis is a realist postwar novelist and short-story writer; his work can mainly be seen as social critique. Often intensely lyrical, it remains both relevant and profoundly human.

His short stories evoke archetypal harassed, wounded human figures striving to improve their lives, bypassed by history, although their experiences are inextricably linked to social and historical events.

Staging: Argyro Chioti

Featuring: Manolis Mavromatakis, Iro Bezou

Music: Andreas Polyzogopoulos, trumpet


Permission to use the short story in this rehearsed reading was kindly provided free of charge by Kaiti Hatzi.

The short story is published in the short story collection: Dimitris Hatzis, Anyperaspistoi, To Rodakio Editions, 2000 (in Greek).


Sunday 17/02 | 17.00

Free admission by online preregistration here (the event is conducted in Greek). 
Pre-registration starting on Friday 08/02 at 12.00
Children who are six years and older may attend



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