Creative Workshop: Let’s all create together! - Εικόνα

This holiday season, you are all invited to join in two creative workshops inspired by the light installations of the SNFCC Christmas World. Drawing inspiration from the spirit of gathering that characterizes the holiday season, we use different artistic means to explore the various ways in which we can create collective art works.

Design - Implementation: Ap’Ousia Educational Team

Workshop 1: Painting with our bodies
Prompted by the light installation “RHIZOME” hosted at the Dome in Stavros Niarchos Park, we set up a creative event inspired by the artistic duo Tom & Lien Dekyvere.
Canvases of white paper, crayons, comfortable clothes and beat help us connect various points in the web of the light installation, seek out unexpected correlations, and capture new shapes that we will discover along the paths of our co-creation. 

Saturday, Dec. 16 & Friday, Jan. 05 

Workshop 2: Red, Yellow, Green and White: What does nature look like to you?
Prompted by the light installation “SIGN” and by the way the artistic duo Vendel & de Wolf's work highlights the inherent beauty of nature, we will get to know the art of Aboriginal Australians, who used to create by observing nature in every detail and learning from it. Red, Yellow, Green and White: the colors of December help us search for the importance of coexisting around a hearth. We gather, learn about the traditional stories of Aboriginal Australians, and create works inspired by the symbols of their art. We observe the power of warmth caused by the light installation “SIGN,” and we capture the emotions we are experiencing on paper. 

Saturday, Dec. 23 & Thursday, Dec. 28 

17.00–18.10 & 18.20–19.30
Slot duration: 70'
Up to 20 children per slot
For children aged 7 to 12 

Free admission, on a first-come, first-served basis.

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