Collage and Literature Workshop: From page to page, from poetry to collage - Εικόνα

Using the way emblematic hero figures are portrayed in poetry and literature as our launch pad, we will discover the world of collage. 

Each month, participants will have the opportunity to explore the history and variations of the technique of collage, from China and the invention of paper 2,000 years ago, up until the present day. 

We will pay particular attention to the experimentations of Dada, Braque and Picasso, Pollock, and Wagenschi Mutu and Yinka Shonibare. 

In January's workshop, we will draw our inspiration from Alice Oswald's Memorial and 12th century Japanese calligraphy techniques to create our own monument to the Unknown Soldier, while also exploring the third dimension (3D) through the technique of pop-up. 

Design-Implementation: Maro Michalakakou, Visual Artist
Literary Support: Myrsini Gana, Poet, Translator

Τhursday 07/01, 18.30


For adults
Up to 20 participants
Free admission by online pre-registration (the workshop is conducted in Greek)

Pre-registration starts on Μοnday 28/12 at 12.00

Participants will receive a list of recommended materials.


Members enjoy another exclusive workshop.

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