Carbon Footprint Trackers  - Εικόνα

As part of the SNFCC Green Weekend, WWF Greece is translating its multi-faceted work on climate crisis into an activity for the entire family.  

Young and old alike, we are all invited to hunt down… the carbon footprint of our lives! What is that? It is the obvious, as well as the not-so-obvious impact of our daily activities on the environment; the one that falls between the cracks of habit and ignorance about the connection between our everyday lives and climate crisis. Together, we will capture this elusive “escapee” and “shrink” it as much as possible.

Design - Implementation: WWF Greece

Saturday 24/09 & Sunday 25/09


For families with kids aged 6-12
4 groups of up to 4 people per slot (slot duration 15') 
Free admission on a first come, first served basis


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