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Cancellation of Carnival & Koulouma Events (01/03 & 02/03)

Following the respective Ministerial Decision and the announcement of the Region of Attica, the events of SNFCC scheduled for the last Carnival Sunday (01/03) and Clean Monday (02/03) are cancelled.

As a result, free parking at the Faliro Olympic Complex (Taekwondo) will not be available.

The rest of SNFCC events will continue to be held as scheduled.

In case of changes in the events schedule due to public health measures we recommend that you visit our website for information and updates.


Arts in the Mixer invite you to join in creating our own kites and making them move, perhaps even fly, embarking on a sensory flight that sparks the imagination. We will transform the play area into a green field, filled with the scents and sounds of Clean Monday.

Design–Implementation: Arts in the Mixer


Clean Monday 02/03
17.00-18.00 for infants aged 3 months to 1 year
18.30-19.30 for infants aged 1 to 2 years


Meeting point: NLG LOBBY

For infants aged 3 months to 2 years and their adult chaperones
Up to 10 infants and 10 adult chaperones
Free admission by online pre-registration (the activity will be conducted in Greek)

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