Carnival at the SNFCC

Carnival at the SNFCC gives us an opportunity to escape from the humdrum day-to-day and revamp ourselves through dress-up and loads of fun. In this year’s special, beloved music bands fuse traditional carnival partying with street culture! Dance beats, interactivity and unique happenings “dress up” the Stavros Niarchos Park and set the tone for a very different Sunday. 

Sunday 26/02, 12.00-15.00


Clean Monday at the Stavros Niarchos Park

Once again, the SNFCC is celebrating Clean Monday with a concert honoring the Greek musical and dance tradition. Kites, colors and tunes invite us to welcome Spring!

Clean Monday 27/02 | 12.00-15.00


Lighthouse ahead! Hide-and-seek with Masks

Let's imagine a great landscape with huge masks. We make the masks with simple materials, we hide behind them and, with the music as our guide, we move the landscape around, creating our own happy celebration.

Sunday 26/02
10.00-11.00 | For ages 4 to 6
12.00-13.30 | For ages 7 to 9
15.00-16.30 | For ages 7 to 9 
17.30-19.00 | For ages 10 to 12 


Arts Workshop: A different carnival of the animals

Inspired by Camille Saint Saëns' well-known work "The Carnival of the Animals", we create shadow boxes that function as microcosms - rooms in which the animals, having been transformed into fantastic colorful creatures, pose as heroes of a story, with a pop mood and aesthetic.

Sunday 26/02, 11.30-14.50 


Creative Activity: The Land of Birds

On Clean Monday, we paint together at the SNFCC Agora! Drawing inspiration from the painting by the visual artist Spyros Vassiliou, colorful birds and flying objects are imprinted on paper creating a fantasy world - an ode to freedom, in an artistic collective action open to all.

Clean Monday 27/02, 11.00-15.00