Workshop for Children: Playing with Light

This Christmas, Stavros Niarchos Park is welcoming four light installations made by leading foreign creators.  Taking our cue from this most luminous of holidays, we will tour the light installations and discuss each creator’s source of inspiration. We will play, experiment and create our own light structures.

Workshop for Children: Playing with Light - Εικόνα

Christmas happening featuring tind: Chocolate-flavored screen printing!

In this year’s Christmas World at the SNFCC, under the glowing light installation Halo (Venividimultiplex) by the Water Jets, we will attempt to print on freshly cut crepes filled with chocolate praline! Together with the tind team, we will use screen printing, the world’s oldest printing method, which allows us to print on many different kinds of materials: from posters and clothes to, as we shall see this year, mouth-watering crepes! 

Christmas happening featuring tind: Chocolate-flavored screen printing! - Εικόνα

Xmas Baby Art & Crafts

An experience of communication and visual arts stimuli, for babies aged 3 to 9 months and their parents The elves come out of the carts, activate their unique sense of humor, and engage, with our help, in their lovely mischief and shenanigans! We are playing with our fingerprints, paint Christmas trees on canvases, belled strainers make an appearance, and the magic spell “tum chi” makes our deepest wishes come true.

Xmas Baby Art & Crafts  - Εικόνα

Gardening workshop: A tree for 2023

The tree is a permanent link between man and nature. In this workshop, we will get to know trees better through an experiential process. We learn about their propagation, reproduction methods, and subsequent care. We will also learn about their transplanting, as well as watering, pruning, and fertilizing practices. At the end of the workshop, participants will take the tree they groomed in the workshop for the upcoming new year.

Gardening workshop: A tree for 2023 - Εικόνα

Drum Circle for Families

Young and old alike, we are all meeting up at the Christmassy Stavros Niarchos Park and bring our imagination together in a creative musical partnership. The drum circle allows each family to become part of a wider group, through rhythm, song and motion. The drums are arranged into an improvised orchestra. Creating a unique soundscape, we all become part of a shared rhythmic story. Through relaxation exercises, breathing techniques and music-and-movement games, we play, listen, observe, decompress, calm down.

Drum Circle for Families - Εικόνα

KiDz Circle ǀ Family Fun

A festive workshop with illuminating hoops, for children and families. Young and old come together in a fun music-motor game: they learn simple and complex hula hoop tricks, dance and express themselves creatively, while expanding their imagination. The goal is joy through movement and connection with the circle, ourselves and those around us.   Monday 26/12  | 17.00-17.50 & 18.00 -18.50 Thursday 05/01 17.00-17.45 & 18.00 -18.45 GREAT LAWN  

KiDz Circle ǀ Family Fun - Εικόνα

Future Waves MMXXII

Walking activity with PixelSmart Hoops ǀ Walkabout Hoop Act   The geometry and harmony of nature meets the intricate and minimalist architecture of technology in a walking spectacle of illuminated hula hoops. A realm of light and darkness travels the humanoid senses to the distant, yet common paths of the universe and terrestrial androids.

Future Waves MMXXII - Εικόνα

Santa Claus at the SNFCC

Santa Claus is coming to town! From 01/12, and every weekend, he will be at the SNFCC Christmas World to meet children, give out balloons, listen to their wishes and share beautiful photo memories with them.

Santa Claus at the SNFCC - Εικόνα