The Monument of Zalongo, 1954-1960

On the occasion of the events celebrating the 200-year anniversary from the commencement of the Greek Revolution, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is restoring in the Agora, the horizontal section, at a height of 40cm, of the base of the sculpture Monument of Zalongo. The installation had been on display, in SNFCC’s Agora, for the first time in January 2019, in the context of the exhibition "George Zongolopoulos: The vision of a public sculpture".


Passers-by / Seven Gates by Georgios Xenos

Brought together under the Faces of the Hero anniversary program, the themes, means and media of the individual events that comprise it are marked by their variety and diversity.

«Διερχόμενοι» και «Επτά Πύλες» του Γιώργου Ξένου - Εικόνα