The SNFCC contributes to the provision of humanitarian aid to Ukraine - Εικόνα
29 April 2022

As part of the global mobilization sparked by the humanitarian crisis afflicting the people of Ukraine, we are all actively supporting the war victims in the following ways:


Gathering essential items at the SNFCC

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Aid Center in Greece, which is supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece, we invite all SNFCC visitors, staff and associates to contribute basic-needs items in the specially designated wooden boxes located at the SNFCC Lobby and Visitors Center.

See the list of essential items.

SNFCC's partner, CORDIA, undertakes on a non-profit basis the transport of essential items from the collection points to the points where the items are collected by the Ukrainian Aid Center in Greece.


Financial support

The SNFCC is cooperating with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), supporting those affected by the ongoing crisis. The UNHCR’s core mission is to save human lives, protect human rights, and ensure a better future for refugees worldwide. Currently, the UNHCR has significantly scaled up its presence and operations in Ukraine and neighboring countries, presently focusing on three key areas: humanitarian aid, protection and provision of shelter to the people who need it.

Assistance from each and every one of us can ensure that people from Ukraine, who are forced to leave their homes, receive the help they so desperately need at this time.

Make a donation:

  • At SNFCC points:

    Visitors will be able to contribute any amount of money they prefer in specially designated plexiglass boxes.

    These specially designed boxes will be located daily at the SNFCC Lobby and Visitors Center.

    On May 01, 08, 28 & 29, donations will also be accepted at an Info Point located at the Pine Grove of the Stavros Niarchos Park.

  • Online, here

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