20.000.000 Visits at the SNFCC - Εικόνα
06 December 2021

Since welcoming its first visitors in August 2016 until today, the SNFCC has been established in the public mind as an accessible, free public space open to all, as well as a prime destination for entertainment, culture, learning and sports, where everyone is and feels welcome. From 2016 up until 2021, 20.000.000 visits have been made to the SNFCC, solidifying the relationship it has built with its audience.

Elly Andriopoulou, SNFCC Managing Director, notes:

“20.000.000 visits to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC). A milestone that fills us with joy, warmth and pride. A milestone that becomes even more significant due to the people behind it, not just the numbers:

- The visitors who breathe life to the facilities and events of the SNFCC, making the vision of an open space for creation, learning, recreation, and interaction a reality. Their presence, which transforms the Cultural Center into a lively meeting place, a place of celebration, but also one of personal and collective development, honors us and gives us the strength to continue to enrich their daily experience.

- The team of the SNFCC, staff and associates, who every day - 365 days a year - take care of every aspect of the Cultural Center with dedication and enthusiasm, always with the vision for a destination open and welcoming to all as their compass.

- The people of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), that envisioned, financed, implemented and delivered the SNFCC to the Greek State in 2017, while continuing to support us to this day, nearly five years later. We are grateful for this valuable collaboration, that not only gives us the supplies to contribute to the Greek society, but also inspires us to continue planning into the future, for each visitor individually, but also collectively."

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