Family games - Εικόνα

Τhe Great Unknown

The secret hero of our existence. The point of contention that changed the way we perceive the world. Sometimes as the supreme possibility for creativity, and sometimes as the greatest obstacle for evolution. In the unknown we created gods and demons, we fought, we found longevity and soon we will be able to say that we inhabited planet Mars. TEDxAthens makes a comeback and invites us to become children again, and dive with force into the “Great Unknown”. You never know, on this trip we might reach new, hitherto unknown destinations. Will you accept the challenge? 

For the first time, in collaboration with TedxAthens, we have secured limited places for the SNFCC Members to attend specific sessions, during the speakers’ exclusive rehearsal! The day before the event, we are the first to sneak into the Stavros Niarchos Hall and observe closely how the production of an event of this scale is implemented, attending the dress rehearsal from the "backstage"!

Thursday 26/05
Menas Kafatos, Quantum Physicist | 12.00-13.40
Erika Lust, Creative Director - Film Director | 14.00-15.30
Jake Bernstein, 2x Pulitzer Winning Writer | 15.00-16.30

Friday 27/05 
Tzef Montana, Actor-Activist (13.10-14:45)


Free entrance via online pre-registration

Due to the fact that these are speaker rehearsals, there may be slight deviations or changes to the programming.

Estimated rehearsal time: 40 '- 60'

The use of face mask and social distancing measures are mandatory in indoor and outdoor areas of the SNFCC, in accordance with Hellenic National Public Health Organization regulations.

 Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants. 

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