Art Game: The spider who traveled the world

How is such a massive sculpture constructed? What material is it made of? How is it transported? As is, or taken apart in pieces? And how is it reassembled afterwards?

At this workshop, we will attempt to answer all of the above questions, thus becoming better acquainted with Louise Bourgeois’s best-known work, as well as the world’s museums! 

Sunday 17/07 & 31/07 

Design - Implementation: Playroom 
Implementation: Katerina Fotopoulou, visual artist


Microweaving Workshop: The spider as a weaver

Participants will attempt a weaving approach to the spider archetype, but also come up with their own symbols, which they will translate into the weaving language by way of repetition.

Tuesday 05 & 19/7 

Monday 1/8

Tuesday 13/9

Design – Implementation: Maro Fasouli, visual artist


Sculpture Workshop: Transformations of Materials

We will be creating sculptures using simple everyday materials (participants may bring along materials from home!), which we will combine with clay, paper, etc.

Monday 04/07, 18/07, 29/08 & 05/09 

Design - Implementation: Maro Michalakakou, artist


Clay Workshop: Mythical Figures and Creatures

Children will be able to set their senses free and, guided by their imagination and focusing on a different theme each time, they will be able to play and experiment with the mass of clay and the textures of various materials (paints, fabrics, wood), creating mythical figures and creatures.

Thursday 07/07, 28/07, 02/08 & 06/09 

Workshop Design:Thalassini Bratsou, art historian – potter

Implementation: Terratakia team

Erianna Arvaniti, educator – potter

Thalassini Bratsou, art historian – potter


APW: Photography Workshop for Teenagers

As a parallel event to the presentation of the Teen Photographers’ Exhibition: “Humans and the Environment,” four distinguished photographers/photojournalists—including the leading team of Athens Photo World—are holding four photography sessions addressed to teenagers interested in photography.

Wednesday 13/07
Tuesday 30/08
Thursday 01/09
Wednesday 07/09

Thanassis Stavrakis
Christina Kalligianni
Dora Lavazou
Michael Varaklas


Family Activity: Discovering the uses of aromatic plants

In July, the Forest Group (Parea tou Dasous) welcomes the Park’s young friends and their families to a workshop aimed at exploring the Park’s aromatic herbs and learning about their uses and how to collect them.

Sunday 10/07

Design - Implementation: The Forest Group (Parea tou Dasous)


Family Gardening: We are planting seasonal vegetables

In August and September, the Forest Group welcomes families to the Stavros Niarchos Park for two gardening workshops.

Sunday 28/08

Design - Implementation: The Forest Group (Parea tou Dasous)