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This Christmas, Sherlock Holmes has so many mystery riddles to solve, but he doesn't have so much time to do it on his own. He needs help - our help!

Watch the video with the mysterious riddle and do your best!
Will you be able to solve the riddle?
Will you be able to find the secret?
Will you be able to become Sherlock Holmes' helper?

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, ahead of the upcoming performance "Christmas Tales at the Lighthouse: Sherlock Holmes and the thief of Christmas", presents a series of videos in order to prepare his little friends to become "Sherlock Holmes' helpers".

Under the guidance of Yannis Sarakatsanis, kids are asked to act like Sherlock Holmes by developing observation and draw conclusions, while at the same time get to know Victorian England.

Video presentation & workshop coordination: Yannis Sarakatsanis

Discover the new video - riddle each Monday!
Monday 07, 14, 21 /12 | 18.00

Riddle 1, 07/12

Sherlock Holmes' helpers: Christmas card

Check here the instructions of the first riddle.


Riddle 2, 14/12

Sherlock Holmes' helpers: The Metro Bet

Check here the instructions of the second riddle.


Riddle 3, 21/12

Sherlock Holmes' helpers: The Mystery of the Typewriter

Check here the instructions of the third riddle.


Live Workshops

Mysteries do not end here.
Become Sherlock Holmes' helpers and test your skills in solving mysteries on the two upcoming workshops with Yannis Sarakatsanis on 28/12 and 04/01!

Monday 28/12 & 04/01 | 16.30-17.30
Mediterranean Garden (or via Zoom) 

For children aged 9-12
Up to 20 participants 
Free admission by online pre-registration

Due to public health measures, the exact details about the upcoming workshops will be announced close to the date of the workshops.

 Stay tuned here for more information.

The digital content created as part of the SNFCC’s events programming comes under a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).


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