School Activities at the Stavros Niarchos Park - Εικόνα

School Walks:

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) allows classes to take their school walk at Stavros Niarchos Park.

You can register for an SNFCC School Walk here

School Walks take place exclusively outdoors at Stavros Niarchos Park.

School buses transporting students to their scheduled school visits to the SNFCC may temporarily park in the designated outdoor Bus Park in order to let students in and out of the bus. Long-term parking of buses is not possible at the SNFCC; thus, after letting students out of the vehicle to participate in their free school walks, buses must exit SNFCC premises.


School Activities:

The SNFCC invites students to participate in recreational activities at Stavros Niarchos Park!

Register to participate in a School Walk or School Activity here

School classes can register to participate in brief leisure activities that take place daily between 09.00 and 12.30.

Registration for a school activity must be preceded by a registration for a school walk.

Up to 25 students may participate in each time slot.


1. Let’s Dance

In this dance, we all become one! As we move to the beat and follow the steps of a dynamic choreography, we all become one and dance unrestrainedly!

Design - Implementation: Regeneration and Progress nonprofit

For all school grades & Special Education groups

Activity duration: 30΄ 

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


2. Olympic Ball Games

Playing ball games in teams, children get to know the Olympic team sports, as well as work together and socialize at the SNFCC. Basketball, football, rugby, handball, and volleyball are waiting for us to enjoy them.

Design - Implementation: Regeneration and Progress nonprofit

For all school grades & Special Education groups

Activity duration: 40΄ 


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

3. Give Me Five! Join in the greatest trivia game of the SNFCC

The SNFCC School Programs transform into a “board game” at Stavros Niarchos Park!  The SNFCC invites you to a trivia game of massive proportions! What do we know about Sustainability, Art, Public Space, Sports & Well-being?

Let’s join in the competition and find out!

For students of the 2nd through the 9th grades 

Activity duration: 60΄ 

October: every Thursday
November & December every Tuesday and Thursday


4. Robotics Workshop

A design and coding workshop, in which children cultivate 21st-century skills creating their own robots, inspired by the theme of recycling, bioclimatic design and environmental awareness. Students program the robots to move, rotate, speak and recycle, in a mockup park invented by the kids themselves!

Design - Implementation: MIT Kids

For students of the 5th through the 9th grades 

Activity duration: 30΄ 


Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday


5. Experiment Stroller

Are you visiting Stavros Niarchos Park for your school walk? Be prepared to encounter a surprise-on-wheels, full of mechanics, automation and experiments. Specialized educators will be strolling around the Park to meet teams of students that are ready for some STEAM-packed adventures of explosions, optical illusions and magnetic spins! Come meet them!

Design - Implementation: MIT Kids

For students of the 1st through the 9th grades 

No preregistration necessary

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday, from 11:00


6. Graffiti Doodle Workshop

Using sprays, markers and their imagination, students turn into contemporary artists, in order to create Graffiti and Doodles! 

They get introduced to street art as a form of creative expression, distinguishing it from vandalism.

Design - Implementation: Sdeviano

For Junior High School and High School students

Activity duration: 60΄ 


Every Monday and Wednesday


All protective measures are observed during the SNFCC’s School Programs!

In the event of rain or bad weather, the programs will be canceled. The program of activities offered in the context of School Visits is subject to changes depending on the accessibility to specific parts of the SNFCC.

Participation in School Activities is free of charge, thanks to the exclusive grant of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.