Breakdance Workshop with B-Boy Junior - Εικόνα

On Saturday 10 September at 19.00 at the SNFCC Agora, the major international breaking B-Boy and B-girl competition, the Red Bull BC One Cypher Greece returns to our country after almost 7 years!  The most impressive hip-hop and breaking scene fest will be hosted in SNFCC and spread a lot of positive energy with the presence of loud music and talented dancers!

24 talented dancers will show on stage their dancing skills on the Red Bull BC One Cypher Greece and claim the title of the best Greek B-Boy and B-Girl, a chance to win the golden ticket at the BC One World Final, that will be held this year on November 12, 2022 in the birthplace of hip-hop in New York, for its 19th edition.

The event will be hosted by 12os Pithikos with the help of B-Boy Suspens. During the competition, the live music acts of Marseaux and Hatemost will thrill audience and contestants.

This years’ judges will be the BC One All Stars B-Boy Menno, holder of 3 worldwide championships, B-Boy Junior, and B-Girl San Andrea. Upon completion of the dancing competition, we have reserved for our Members, an exclusive meet & greet with the jury team!

Don't miss this unique opportunity! Reserve your place for the meet & greet here!

Find out about Red Bull BC One

Red Bull BC One is considered as the most influential one-on-one B-Boy & B-Girl breaking competition worldwide. Every year, thousands of breakers compete at national dancing battles (cyphers) for a place in Last Chance Cyper. There they have to prove their talent and dancing skills to claim the chance to represent at the Red Bull BC One World Final.

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Saturday 10/09 | 19.00

The meet & greet with the judges for the SNFCC Members will take place in the Agora, immediately after the end of the competition.

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