The Park’s gardeners: Learning to propagate our plants| SNFCC - Εικόνα

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Spring is a great time to propagate our plants so we can reap the rewards in the summer. The range of plants and flowers we can choose, in all different shapes, colors and forms, is almost endless. 

But how can we propagate the plants that we’d like to have in our gardens or our balconies? Is it possible to grow a whole new plant from a seed, a cutting or a bulb?

In this video, we invite prospective gardeners of all ages to learn various plant propagation methods and experience the joy of witnessing the birth of a new plant that they have created themselves. All the materials we need can be easily found in our balconies, our gardens, and even in our fridge or kitchen cupboards. We will sow seeds, plants bulbs and tubers, take cuttings, isolate offshoots, and try propagation by layering. 

Feel free to experiment and try whichever method you like to propagate your own plants! 

Design - Presentation: 
Stamatis Kavasilis, M.Sc., Agriculturist  – Edaphologist
Stavroula Katsogianni, M.Sc., Agriculturist – Landscape Architect
And our little gardener Isabella

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