SNFCC Members x Cinobo | Film Club: “La Dolce Vita” and “The Great Beauty” (La Grande Belezza) - Εικόνα

The new season is kicked off with a Members-only meeting with the team of Cinobo curators. The session will start with film screenings (a double feature this time!) to then expand beyond the boundaries of a “lesson” and build up into a fascinating cinematic conversation. Film fans meet up at the SNFCC to discuss, share thoughts and exchange views, inspired by the films of the month.

Drawing on the theme of Upcycling, in September we are looking into how this concept is employed in the film industry, through remakes and references to films that are considered classics. We will be talking about two very recognizable films, two milestones in the art of cinema, the second of which may arguably be seen as a remake of the first that is approaching both the “Eternal City” and the concept of “appearances” from a different perspective, while both films somehow mark the bittersweet end of a celebration.

September Films: La Dolce Vita, 1960 and La Grande Belezza, 2013

La Dolce Vita

Nothing would be the same in European cinema after the first screening of what turned out to be one of the most influential films in history. The week of Marcello, Paparazzo, the stars, the ephemeral glow and fake idols, a journey to life’s true meaning.

Summary: Wandering through a privileged enclave of Rome, Marcello, a gossip journalist, encounters elegant aristocrats, hungry artists, vulgar nouveau riche, charlatans and “magicians” of the elite nightlife. He discovers that beneath the surface of their deceptive grace lurks emptiness, despair and loneliness, all of which lead to an implacable thinker friend finding a tragic end.

Watch the trailer here.


The Great Beauty

Paolo Sorrentino won the Oscar fair and square for his Felliniesque tribute to the Eternal City, a dionysian cinematic ride concealing grief and emptiness behind its gorgeous imagery, transforming existential pain into a never-ending party.

Summary: Rome, therus. Tourists flock to Janiculum hill. An irresistible man, despite the first signs of old age, enjoys the city's social life. He attends dinners and parties, where his bright spirit and presence are always welcome, but he camouflages his discomfort with cynicism. As a successful journalist and charmer, he wrote a novel that secured him a literary prize and the reputation of a repressed artist. At a roof party at his apartement, with a view of the Colosseum, "The Human System", the title of his novel, is exposed and a comedy of non-existence takes place.

Watch the trailer here.


  • Tasos Melemenidis, Curation and Acquisitions Manager, Cinobo
  • Thodoris Dimitropoulos, Curation Consultant, Cinobo
  • Tasos Chatziefremidis, Curator, Cinobo


Monday 19/09 | 19.00 – 21.00

Up to 25 participants – Members only
Free permission with online pre-registration

To participate in the SNFCC Members Film Club x Cinobo, it is mandatory to have already watched the film of the month. The movies will not be projected on the day of the discussion.


About the Film Club Coordinators:

Tasos Melemenidis

He studied Computer Science at the Aristotle University, but cinema crossed his way, and he timidly began writing about it in 2006. For several years he wrote reviews, tributes, and film related articles for Exostis, Lifo and Cinemagazine. He collaborated with the Athens International Film Festival Premiere Nights as editor-in-chief for the festival’s website, while he helped with the special editions of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Today he oversees the program for the Greek streaming platform Cinobo.

Thodoris Dimitropoulos

Μovie and TV expert with background in festival planning. He worked as a programmer and as a special consultant in 4 editions of the Athens International Film Festival - Premiere Nights. He was a founding member of the website and later of the, as well as a curation consultant for the Cinobo streaming platform. His reviews, interviews, tributes, and festival coverage (from Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, Thessaloniki, Drama, Toronto, and other festivals) have appeared in Cinema and Esquire magazines and later in and His articles have appeared in Nitro, FREE, Pop + Rock magazines, and the Efimerida ton Sydakton, too. He is a member of the jury at the Drama Festival 2021, a TV expert for since 2012, and Movie expert for the Ethnos (2017-2018) newspaper and the news website (from 2019 until today).

Tasos Chatziefremidis

He has issued articles about cinema, music, and theater news for Jumping Fish, from 2009 to 2018. He has collaborated, as a movie expert, with since 2016 and has covered both domestic and international festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Karlovy Vary). Recently, he has joined the creative team of Cinobo, as a curator, while this year he participated in the advisory committee of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.




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