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3-Month Free subscription and access to the Cinobo platform and participation in the monthly meetings of the exclusive Film Club for all the SNFCC Members!

April – June 2022

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) collaborates with Cinobo, offering for 3 months + 14 days free subscription to all the SNFCC Members. The ultimate cinema streaming platform based in Athens, has a collection of almost 1,000 films, which is enriched in a daily basis with films selected from the biggest film festivals in the world.

At the same time, the SNFCC Members will have the opportunity to participate in the exclusive SNFCC Members Film Club x Cinobo!

Together with the Cinobo curating team, the SNFCC Members will participate in a monthly talk that starts with a film presentation, goes beyond the limits of a "lecture" and expands into an exciting cinematic dialogue.

This trimester we will focus on screening films, characterized as "Festival Gems", films that became popular through festivals, not necessarily because they won a major award. Among other things, we will also discuss, how festivals managed to lead the way for some films, which otherwise would have hardly reached us. The dialogue will take place between the film, its festival journey, as well as its influence on the film.

The SNFCC Members Film Club x Cinobo films are the following:

  • April: Enemy

Jake Gyllenhaal reunites with Denis Villeneuve, the director of the latest film “Dune”, in a hypnotic and surreal psychological thriller based on Nobel laureate José Saramagu's book "The Double". Villeneuve himself has stated that the form of the giant spider he presents in the film was inspired by Bourgeois sculpture, in an attempt to present the spider and its web as an extension of creating a political-social allegory in the film.

Festival Gem: Best Canadian Film | Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2014

  • May: Parasites

Bong Joon-ho is one of the most important contemporary directors and this is a triumph film, as it was the star at both the Oscars 2020 and the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Through Parasites he shows how family ties are affected by the financial state of the family, or maybe not, and it gives a fresh look on the class struggle.

Festival Gem: Best Picture Award | Oscar 2020, Best Director Award | Oscar 2020, Best Original Screenplay Award | Oscar 2020, Best International Feature Film Award| Oscar 2020, Palme d'Or | Cannes Festival 2019

  • June: Honeyland

Nominated for the Best Documentary Film and International Feature Film Oscar Awards, for the first time in the Oscars’ institution history, the film captures the balance within the family, as well as between the man and nature. A reflection on the sustainable development value and ecological awareness.

Festival Gem: Best Documentary Film Award | Oscar 2020, Nominated for the Best International Feature Film Award | Oscar 2020, Golden Athena best Documentary Award | Premiere Nights 2019 , World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary| Sundance Festival 2019, World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Cinematography | Sundance Festival 2019

Detailed Meetings Schedule:

  • April: Thursday 28/4, 19.00 – 21.00 | Book Castle NLG
  • May: Monday 30/5, 19.00 – 21.00 | Buffer Zone
  • June: To be announced soon.


  • Tasos Melemenidis, Curation and Acquisitions Manager, Cinobo
  • Thodoris Dimitropoulos, Curation Consultant, Cinobo
  • Tasos Chatziefremidis, Curator, Cinobo

To participate in the SNFCC Members Film Club x Cinobo, it is mandatory for those who register to have already watched the film of the month. The films will not be projected during the meetings. To participate in the monthly meetings, you do not need to subscribe to Cinobo.

Free permission for the SNFCC Members with online pre-registration


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About Cinobo:

Cinobo derives from Cinema No Borders, meaning Cinema with no limitations. It is the ultimate cinema streaming platform, based in Athens, created by a team of young people with knowledge and immense love for the cinema. Cinobo's film library houses hundreds of selected films from the biggest festivals around the world and is enriched in a daily basis. At Cinobo each film is carefully selected by the curators’ team and on the platform, you will find Oscar-winning films, modern, classic, from all over the world, as well as Greek. Movies of agony, political thrillers, romantic comedies, documentaries of all kinds, many thematic tributes and filmography of great Greek and foreign directors, such as Kislofki, Varda, Trifo, Bong Joon-ho, Dikurno and Lanthimos. Cinobo is available on all devices, on computers through, as well as through an app on smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones. Bonus? Through Cinobo Nights action subscribers can get also tickets for the cinemas.

A platform made by cinema lovers for cinema lovers.

About the SNFCC Members Film Club x Cinobo coordinators:

Tasos Melemenidis, Curation and Acquisitions Manager, Cinobo

He studied Computer Science at the Aristotle University, but cinema crossed his way, and he timidly began writing about it in 2006. For several years he wrote reviews, tributes, and film related articles for Exostis, Lifo and Cinemagazine. He collaborated with the Athens International Film Festival Premiere Nights as editor-in-chief for the festival’s website, while he helped with the special editions of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Today he is in charge of the program for the Greek streaming platform Cinobo.

Thodoris Dimitropoulos, Curation Consultant, Cinobo

Μovie and TV expert with background in festival planning. He worked as a programmer and as a special consultant in 4 editions of the Athens International Film Festival - Premiere Nights. He was a founding member of the website and later of the, as well as a curation consultant for the Cinobo streaming platform. His reviews, interviews, tributes, and festival coverage (from Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, Thessaloniki, Drama, Toronto, and other festivals) have appeared in Cinema and Esquire magazines and later in and His articles have appeared in Nitro, FREE, Pop + Rock magazines, and the Efimerida ton Sydakton, too. He is a member of the jury at the Drama Festival 2021, a TV expert for since 2012, and Movie expert for the Ethnos (2017-2018) newspaper and the news website (from 2019 until today).

Tasos Chatziefremidis, Curator, Cinobo

He has issued articles about cinema, music and theater news for Jumping Fish, from 2009 to 2018. He has collaborated, as a movie expert, with since 2016 and has covered both domestic and international festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Karlovy Vary). Recently, he has joined the creative team of Cinobo, as a curator, while this year he participated in the advisory committee of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.