Wedding Singers

May Day finds Stavros Niarchos Park flooded with music and smiles, inviting us to get together and experience unforgettable spring moments and an early feel of the summer.

Wedding Singers - Εικόνα

Natural Histories: May Day Book Club, with Vangelis Hatzigiannidis

On May 1st, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is welcoming writer Vangelis Hatzigiannidis in the springtime Mediterranean Garden, for a special celebratory Book Club meeting inspired by his book, Natural Histories.  Participants will have the opportunity to talk with the author and exchange thoughts and ideas about his Natural Histories, against the backdrop of the unique spring atmosphere of Stavros Niarchos Park.

Natural Histories: May Day Book Club, with Vangelis Hatzigiannidis - Εικόνα

Takis, Signals

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, in collaboration with Takis Foundation - Research Center for the Art and the Sciences (KETE), is welcoming at the Small Agora of the SNFCC two Signals of the world-renowned visual artist Takis (Panayiotis Vassilakis, 1925–2019).

Takis, Signals - Εικόνα

Ceramics Workshop: May Day wreaths made of clay

On May Day, the Terratakia team returns to the SNFCC, calling upon parents and children to immersively discover the art of ceramics and the traditional customs of May Day: All together, we will create May Day wreaths made of clay and color, and decorate the Maypole! 

Ceramics Workshop: May Day wreaths made of clay - Εικόνα

Activity for children: May Flowers

The Forest Group (Παρέα του Δάσους) comes to springtime Stavros Niarchos Park on May 1st, at the most magical moment of the Park, to greet our young visitors. Children observe nature, play, learn, and create original flowers and insects made of paper.  We discover what is happening in nature at this time of the year. We observe the blossoming of the garden plants and the way in which they work together with insects-pollinators. 

Δράση για παιδιά: Τα Λουλούδια του Μάη - Εικόνα

Kayaking the Canal

This activity aims to familiarize children with kayaking. Enjoying water sports in the Canal is a great way to get to know the SNFCC! 

Καγιάκ στο Κανάλι - Εικόνα

Music by the Canal: Rudy Roots

The sound of Rudy Roots is a mixture of hip hop, jazz, but also Greek elements that maintains the LA sound at its core. Swinging beats, uplifting melodies, vibrating bass lines, samples, loops and a fresh approach are just some of the elements that characterize the project, that always aims to serve the party and the dance! Sunday 01/05 | 18.00 - 20.00 Canal Café   Free Entrance.

Music by the Canal: Rudy Roots - Εικόνα

#SNFCCatHome MayFlix

We welcome May with a May Day visit to Stavros Niarchos Park with Elli Pangalou, we learn about the insects and the flowers of the Mediterranean Garden through an art workshop for children, we follow Mrs. Vlefaridou on spring adventures, we discover new routes through three separate Walks in the Park with new protagonists of our theater and we enjoy recorded readings of short stories by Dimitrios Hatzis and Nikos Gavriēl Pentzikēs through the online audio series of the SNFCC, Readings.

May Day at the SNFCC 2023 - Εικόνα