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Short fiction documentaries / art program for kids

Vlefaro live cinema presents a new series of short “documentaries” entitled Look, Listen, Think & Imagine, where reality and fiction come together to give creative answers to everyday questions, inspired by true questions asked by children. 

The purpose of the videos, in addition to inspiring, entertaining and providing learning opportunities for children, is to familiarize them with the process of creative thinking, connotations, dreams and, by extension, art and poetry themselves. Children are invited to create their own works of art, often without being shown how, and following therefore, a reverse approach to the one usually adopted by creative workshops. 

Paintings, photographs, animated images and original melodies are enlisted to set in motion an unusual animated encyclopaedia, which uses information as the launch pad to create something new. Each time, children are presented with a description of the theme, a piece of research, real and fictional data, famous works of art and connotations that arise from the particular episode’s central concept. Then, they are free to choose the media they wish to use in order to create their own original artworks. 

Concept, Creative guidance: Angeliki Bozou
Music, montage, animation, narration: Thanos Kosmidis
Texts: Angeliki Bozou, Nelli Poulopoulou


Saturday 06, 13, 20, 27/03 | 11.00
For children aged 5+

Episodes will be available on this page, as well as on SNFCC's Facebook page and YouTube Channel.


Episode 1 | Rock 

Rock paper scissors. I would say that rock looks like the earth. It may not be alive, but has many stories to tell. The stories are well-kept secret between her rock layers and are waiting for us to explore them. 

Watch the first episode here in Greek


Episode 2 | Pencil

It's difficult to prevent the pencil from writing. It writes on paper, but also on stone. Memory is its best friend, and together they carry stories of people through time.

Watch the episode here in Greek


Episode 3 | Scissors

Scissors can't do it by him-self. You cannot cut the air! A pair of scissors needs paper, fabric, thread to create the most beautiful works of art.

Watch the episode here in Greek (available from 20/03 at 11.00)


Episode 4 | Paper

The paper hides inside it the wood. So if you carefully smell a piece of paper with your eyes closed, the image of a forest will come to mind. Fortunately, there is recycling and now paper can be made from other paper, old and used, but just as useful.

Watch the episode here in Greek (available from 27/03 at 11.00)

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