Our Reading Club for young book lovers continues online in February, hosted by the author Tasoula Eptakoili.

The book that will inspire this meeting Ships that weren’t afraid, by Maria Angelidou and Antonis Papatheodoulou.

Each month, twenty members between 7 and 10 years old get together to discover a new book! Our little readers will have the chance to share their impressions, feelings and thoughts, as well as to travel, using their imagination as the vehicle and the book of the month as their launch pad, into the exciting worlds that spring up from its pages. 

The book and its authors

How did a half ship, Adrias, manage to inspire the ships that are whole? For far can the fearless dragonship of Leif travel? What is the book written by Pytheas’ ship about? How did Pilar, a ship made of paper, manage to chase submarines? And Paralos, the sacred ship of Athena – how could she stand having her own fear as a passenger? Which invisible wind still blows the sails of the Cutty Sark?

The ships are full of curiosity, they set sail for seas unknown and unexplored, and they always return loaded with stories, eager to tell them to anyone who wants to listen, to learn, and to travel along with them. 

Ships real and imaginary, fictional and mythological, ships from our ancient and recent past, invite us to join them aboard on a journey through space and time, a journey where everything can be told as a story of the sea. 

Ships that weren’t afraid” has received the “Vito Angelopoulou” prize by the Greek IBBY – Circle of Greek Children’s Books (2015). 

Antonis Papatheodoulou was born in Piraeus in 1977. He studied animation, and works in advertising. Since 1999, he has been translating and writing stories, songs and screenplays for children. His book The good and bad pirates won the State Prize for Illustrated Children’s Book in 2012 and the Circle of Greek Children’s Books prize. His book The Town that chased war away received the State Prize for Illustrated Children’s Book in 2011 and the Prize for Illustrated Children’s Book by Diavazo magazine. His books have been included in the White Ravens catalogue of the International Youth Library of Munich (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). He is a member of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) and the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), and has collaborated in the organization of events and activities on children’s books with publishers, schools, libraries and bookstores all over Greece, the National Book Center, the Laskaridis Foundation, the Stasinopoulos Foundation, the International Writers’ and Translators’ Center of Rhodes, the Herakleidon Museum, Library4all, Future Library, and the Hellenic Children’s Museum. 

Maria Angelidou was born in Athens in 1957, and studied classics in Athens, Germany and Switzerland. Most of her books are historical fairy tales and have been translated into English, French, German and Spanish. She also works as a literary translator and has translated more than 500 books, half of which are for children. For the young reading public she has, in addition, produced translations of Shakespeare, Moliere, Dante, Cervantes, Goldoni, etc. She has received three awards by the Greek Society of Literary Translators for her work in translation. She served as president of the Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators, and member of the Board of the National Book Center, between 2000 and 2004. 

Tasoula Eptakoili was born in 1968 in Samos, and grew up in Piraeus. She graduated from the Faculty of Classics of the University of Athens, but chose journalism over teaching. She has worked on the radio (Melodia FM and now ATHINA 9.84), newspapers and magazines. From 2003, she has worked as a writer for "Kathimerini" newspaper. She has authored the books: "My other whole" (Patakis, 2016), a personal account of loss, the poetry collection "The woman in the elevator" (Kastaniotis, 2018), as well as "Gourgouris" (Patakis, 2017), "Garis" (Patakis, 2019) and "The Flowering Teapot" (Kastaniotis, 2019) - stories for children, but not only. She recently released another book, "Do you see me?" (Kastaniotis, 2020), which she co-authored with Psychology professor Foteini Tsalikoglou. She also curates and presents the TV show "Shots with tails", stories of animal love and human kindness, on ERT2. She lives in Athens. 

Get ready for the Reading Club meeting

•    Write a short story: on which of the book’s ships would you like to travel, and why?
•    Write down a few things you are afraid of, and some that you used to be afraid of, but aren’t any longer. How did you get over your fear? We can’t wait to find out!
•    Draw, paint or build your dream ship in any way you like, so you can show it to the other members of the Reading Club and its host.
•    What will you name it, and why? Which part of the world would you travel to?

Reading Club: Children’s Literature
Sunday 21/02, 17:00

Via Zoom

For children aged 7 to 10 years old
Up to 20 children
Free participation by online pre-registration

Pre-registration starts on Monday 01/02 at 12.00

Coordinator: Tasoula Eptakoili

To take part in the Reading Club, all registered participants are required to read the book of the month. 

“Ships that weren’t afraid” is available by Ikaros Books, with illustrations by Christos Kourtoglou.

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