Creative Activity: A seabed of ghost nets - Εικόνα

What does a plastic seabed — not a seabed filled with plastic — look like? 
Taking their cue from BlueCycle’s work, children are invited to imagine the seabed of the Aegean, and capture it on a large-scale collage, using plastic in various stages of its industrial processing. Ghost nets and dumped plastics that have been retrieved from the Greek seas are transformed into materials with which we will create the seabed of our dreams!
Through a group construction using recyclable materials, children familiarize themselves with the concepts of circular economy, reuse and recycling, become informed about the pollution created by fishing nets and other fishing gear, and get acquainted with such materials (nets, ropes, lines, etc.), all made of plastic, while at the same time making the connection with plastic materials they recycle at home.

BlueCycle is a Blue Circular Economy program designed to utilize plastics derived from fishing and maritime activity. Its aim is to create a high-quality raw material that is suitable to be reintegrated into industrial production, and to promote a holistic approach to tackling the problem of plastic waste that ends up in the seas. The material is collected from all over Greece and acquires a “new life” as it becomes raw material for the creation of new objects, even using the technique of large-scale 3D robotic printing.

Design - Implementation: BlueCycle Greece - Eirini Avgoustaki, M.Ed., Kindergarten teacher 

Saturday, September 23

Sunday, September 24

Water Jets 
For children aged 4 to 12 
Rolling participation in activity; order of priority 


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