SNFCC Members Off the Premises: Farm to Fork | Field Trip to Delta Restaurant’s Farm in Markopoulo - Εικόνα

Also known as “Harvester”, the month September is the most appropriate time of the year to relish the fruits of the earth. SNFCC Members take a field trip outside the SNFCC premises, namely to the farm that supplies its products to fine dining restaurant Delta. With “zero loss, zero waste” as its motto, Delta restaurant introduces us to the theme of reuse and its contribution to zero-waste food management.

Herbs, vegetables, edible flowers, fruit, eggs — these are the raw materials that will be discussed, along with their seasonality, in search for their true substance and our reconnection with their true taste and production process. At the same time, we will get to know the natural landscape of the Mediterranean region, renowned for its favorable climate and fertile soil.

Along with Delta Restaurant's Head Chef, Thano Feskο, we will talk about sustainability and gastronomic ethics, and how these contribute to the protection of the ecosystem and reflect respect for the foods and raw materials it offers us — thus sparking a conversation on our personal dietary choices as well.

The experience includes:

  1. Tour of the farm.
  2. Discussion about home methods for the preservation of fruit and vegetables, their seasonality, the use of traditional seeds, as well as information about different methods of cultivation.
  3. BBQ lunch and tasting of the farm products (vegetables, salads and edible flowers).
  4. Upon departure participants will be offered a gift basket filled with the Farm's products.

Sunday 25/09 | 10.00 – 15.00
FARM TO FORK, Lefkes Dexanas Markopoulo Attikis, Postal Code 19003

Up to 30 participants - Member + guest
Participation cost per person: €40*

Εntry via online pre-registration

*Having filled the booking form, Members will receive a confirmation email with the bank account details, so as to proceed to their deposit. In order to confirm their spot, participants must proceed to the deposit until Thursday 22/9.

Free transport to Farm to Fork by private bus:

For easy access to and from the farm, the SNFCC Membership Program offers free transfer by private bus (route: SNFCC – Farm to Fork – SNFCC). The bus will depart at 9.00 from the SNFCC (Shuttle Bus departure area).

Visit the farm’s website 

Since we will be visiting the farm, participants are strongly encouraged to be equipped with a hat, comfortable clothes and shoes

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