Members' Event Kids: When creative writing met the Theatrical Game -Hear the celebration! - Εικόνα

Theatrical game workshop based on the senses for children 6-8 & 9-11 years old

What color is an A, how much does a B weigh, what does an X taste like, how does an O sound, how does a P smell, how soft can an S be?

How is a letter made into a word?

Which word is lighter, the feather or the cloud? Which smells better, the shoe or the egg?

How is a word made into a sentence?

How is this sentence written on a piece of paper, and what does one do with this paper?

In February we focus on the sense of hearing.

Through a feast of sounds, children will attempt to capture any stimuli they hear, articulate words that they imagine and together they will create a story that by word of mouth, will travel beyond the room's walls.

*Each workshop is independent. You do not need to attend the previous one to participate in the next one! Our young Members can participate in any workshop and as many times as they want.

In the tech age, the opportunities to grab paper and pencil are becoming less and less. Through these meetings we will explore with all our senses, how letters can take on a face, words come to life and the production of the written word can be transformed from a usually tedious process for children, into a creative, imaginative, and expressive game.

Design - Implementation: Marianna Lianou, Theatrical Writer and Anna Hanioti, Theater Educator

Sunday 20/02
11.30 – 12.45 (kids aged 6-8)
13.00 – 14.30 (kids aged 9-11)

Up to 15 participants 
Free entrance via online pre-registration

According to the latest measures to protect public health from the risk of spreading COVID-19, a valid vaccination certificate or a disease certificate, is required for the public to enter the event venue, as the venue operates as a pure venue. The above applies to adults. Μinors from 4 to 17 years old may, alternatively, submit a statement of negative self-diagnosis (self test) of the last twenty-four hours, a certificate of PCR (72 hours) or rapid (48 hours) diagnostic test,in accordance with the recent government measures.

The use of face mask and social distancing measures are mandatory in indoor and outdoor areas of the SNFCC, in accordance with Hellenic National Public Health Organization regulations.

A parallel identity check will be carried out on the persons who show the required certificates, as provided by law.

Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants.

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