Architecture Workshop for Children: Building on three scales - Εικόνα

In April, the Aka Architecture Athens team is welcoming young enthusiasts to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center for three self-contained architectural workshops. The aim of the workshops is to familiarize children with basic architectural concepts and allow them to discover different modes of representation based on the scale used each time. 

Workshop #1 Discovering my scale and space 
How much space does a person need in their daily life? And how do they use it? Starting from the concept of minimum personal space, we will build the mock-up of a room with its furniture, and take a closer look at the concepts of scale, floor plan, and ergonomics.

Workshop #2 Inside, outside and in-between
Do the walls of our house separate or unite spaces? Connecting one room to another is often done through a door, but there are many different ways to connect and separate. In this workshop we explore the facade, or front view, as an element shaping both private and public space; we combine a cross-section mock-up of the interior of a house with the representation of its flat façade, and design the street of a neighborhood. 

Workshop #3 Wanna build a city?
What makes up a city? How can we begin to decipher it and make interventions? In this workshop, we will discover the correlations between landscape, vegetation, infrastructure, and the built environment. Through playful metaphors and activities, we explore the key parts of a city and the negotiations that are necessary so that they may be combined into a new whole.

Workshop #4: Architecture as a landscape
Architecture's relationship to geology is numerous, from the properties of the stones used to construct buildings to the design logic that regulates them. The size of certain landscapes as well as the concept of time which is decisive in the science of geology inspired architects to visualize their creations in a proportional way. Completing this series of workshops and taking inspiration from architect Renzo Piano's landmark building, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), we will explore the relationship between topography and man-made geological landscapes.


Design - Implementation: Aka Architecture Kids Athens, Christina Papadimitriou, architect - archaeologist, Marc Britz, architect

Saturday 14/01, 11/02 & 11/03

Sunday 09/04


For children aged 9 to 13 | Up to 20 participants
Free admission; online preregistration required

For the workshop on 14/01, pre-registration starts on 09/01 at 12.00
For the workshop on 11/02, pre-registration starts on 06/02 at 12.00
For the workshop on 11/03, pre-registration starts on 06/03 at 12.00
For the workshop on 09/04, pre-registration starts on 03/04 at 12.00

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