Reading Club: The Monogram

In February, the SNFCC Book Club meetings continue, moderated by poet and translator Krystalli Glyniadaki, and now also available online! On the last Monday of the month, February 28, book lovers hold their standing appointment at the SNFCC Book Castle to discuss the book they read during the past month. In addition, the meeting will also take place online, on Wednesday, February 23, via Zoom!

Reading Club: The Monogram - Εικόνα

Reading Club: Children’s Book | The Boy with the Tree

The SNFCC’s Book Club for Children renews its appointment for February, facilitated by theater pedagogue Artemis Manou, available with physical presence and online!  February’s meeting will be discussing the book “The Boy with the Tree” by Rodoula Pappa.  On Sunday, February 20, young readers will meet at the Book Castle to share impressions, feelings and thoughts, as well as to embark on an imaginary journey, sparked by the book of the month, into the fascinating worlds emerging from its pages.

Reading Club: Children’s Book | The Boy with the Tree - Εικόνα

Family Activity: Discovering the Park and Creating our own Seedbed

The Forest Group (Παρέα του Δάσους) comes to the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center and invites families to discover the Park through environmental and sensory games, following the stimuli amply supplied by the natural environment and the seasons of the year. Young and old alike, we play, explore, discover, immerse ourselves and learn about us and the nature around us!

Δράση για παιδιά: Τα Λουλούδια του Μάη - Εικόνα

Creative Embroidery Workshop: Snapshots from the SNFCC

The creative embroidery workshop resumes for two unique sessions at the SNFCC, as part of the celebrations for the 5-year anniversary of the Culture Center!

Creative Embroidery Workshop: Snapshots from the SNFCC - Εικόνα

Collage Workshop: Create your own poster!

Drawing on the numerous posters of the Culture Center, this collage workshop allows participants to process printed photographs and text (words, fonts, symbols) in order to compose their own poster for the most enigmatic event that is going to take place at the SNFCC.  In this way they become acquainted with the main steps of designing an artistic poster, i.e. of the way in which an idea takes on a distinct visual form in order to convey a message or piece of information.

Collage Workshop: Create your own poster! - Εικόνα

Mistake Labs: Zoom in on SNFCC

The Mistake Workshop series, one of the most popular visual arts workshops at the Culture Center, return to the SNFCC, in the context of the events for the 5 years of the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center, for a festive meeting, during which all mistakes are allowed, imagination takes the lead and personal expression blossoms. We draw inspiration from the most influential photographs taken by visitors of the Culture Center and we use them as a background to make our portrait.

Mistake Labs: Zoom in on SNFCC - Εικόνα

Everyday stories from the SNFCC: A visual art book | Sketchbook Workshop

What are your memories from the Culture Center, your everyday stories? How would you like to capture them in a drawing? 

Everyday stories from the SNFCC: A visual art book | Sketchbook Workshop - Εικόνα

Freedom... of Verse

Every year, on every national day, during parades, or at medal ceremonies in the Olympics, we hear and sing our national anthem. A song that is well known to us all and sends shivers of emotion up and down our spine. But what is this song? Who wrote it and what is the meaning of its lyrics? A story that started in Zakynthos, was printed in Missolonghi, and was later set to music in Corfu.

Freedom... of Verse - Εικόνα