Members’ Pre – Talk: Cheap Smokes | A conversation between Konstantinos Rigos and Renos Charalambidis

A conversation between Konstantinos Rigos and Renos Charalambidis and tickets for the upcoming performance (limited number of seats), exclusively for the SNFCC Members 

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Members’ Pre – Talk: Gandini Juggling

Discussing with the famous juggler Sean Gandini in the Rehearsal Room of GNO - a space inaccessible to the general public. 

What can a famous, world-traveler juggler share with us? How can he and his team, familiarize us with their juggling skills taking place in unique architectural performances, as original circus hybrids and modern dance shows?

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Μembers’ Tour: The Printing Houses during the Greek Revolution

A special tour by NLG, exclusively for the SNFCC Members, as part of the SNFCC’s 5-year anniversary celebration. 

Which are the printing houses during the Greek Revolution? When do they start operating and for how long? Which factors affect their operation? What is their contribution to the Greek Revolution?

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Members' Tuesdays: "Choreo – graphies" | Mapping the SNFCC

Art workshop for adults: creating an improvised map of the SNFCC

On the occasion of the 5th birthday of the SNFCC, we as Members share our personal journeys, through a unique workshop, a unique workshop for the creation of an improvised map of the SNFCC! In the end, the individual improvised map of each of our Members can consist of a unique tour guide for new visitors at the SNFCC.

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Members' Event Kids: "Choreo – graphies" for Kids | Mapping the SNFCC

Art workshop: creating an improvised map of the SNFCC for children 6-12 years old

We take a “mental walk” around the SNFCC premises while trying to portray our favorite routes and capture remarkable stations, expanding our perception of the SNFCC space and its unique features and sharing our experience with all visitors. 

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Members' Event Kids: When creative writing met the Theatrical Game -Hear the celebration!

In February we focus on the sense of hearing.

Through a feast of sounds, children will attempt to capture any stimuli they hear, articulate words that they imagine and together they will create a story that by word of mouth, will travel beyond the room's walls.

Theatrical game workshop based on the senses for children 6-8 & 9-11 years old

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5 years SNFCC – 5 lucky Members

Are you an SNFCC Member?

The Membership Program of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center celebrates the 5-year anniversary of the SNFCC operation, and in collaboration with the Greek National Opera and the National Library of Greece, offers a special prize, for a whole year, to 5 lucky Members.

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