The established policy applied in the implementation of all SNF technical and infrastructure donations is firmly oriented towards two major goals, the achievement of which marks a successful end result.

First, every project has to be completed within the initial time and cost plan and to fulfill all specified quality and operational requirements, based on which the donation was initially evaluated and approved by the Foundation Board.

Second target, of equal importance, is that the entire process of project implementation (design, award, construction and initial operation) has to follow strict rules of absolute transparency, collaboration, efficiency and commitment by all participants SNF, Grantee, designers, consultants and contractors.

Such an approach, offers the best warranty that every project is delivered to the full satisfaction of the end users and with the best value to the community.

SNFCC, a project of monumental size and complexity, follows without deviation, the above key strategies and promotes to the highest the SNF objectives.

The project is being executed in accordance with the Greek and European legislation and regulations, adhering to strict technical and environmental standards, including the LEED certification program. At the same time, strict quality control procedures are being followed, both as far as the selection of materials is concerned as well as the construction methods used for their implementation and  incorporation into the project.

Construction Facts