Evaluation Instructions


Each candidate who has submitted an application form and CV to hr.services@adecco.com in time, and meets the essential qualifications, will receive three tests by e-mail. Candidates who receive the tests on the 29th of November will need to complete and submit them by December 1st (23:59), whereas candidates who receive the tests on the 30th of November should complete and submit them by December 2nd (23:59).

The tests (three tests, so three separate e-mails) will be sent electronically via the Xpert On line (electronic system of Adecco Group) to the email address indicated in the curriculum vitae of the candidate.


Basic Reasoning Test

It is an evaluation on the general reasoning ability of candidates in the following four areas:

• Arithmetic Reasoning: ability to perform basic mathematical operations.
• Deductive Reasoning: ability to solve abstract problems.
• Linguistic Reflection: ability to work with words, definitions and concepts
• Attention to Detail: ability to implement precision tasks.

 Administration time (instructions in the test)

5 minutes

 Duration of  the test

30 minutes

The candidate is informed in advance that they can use calculators on the part of Numeric Reasoning.

Εnglish Language Assessment Tests

Designed to assess the knowledge and the language proficiency level of the candidates.

Two different English tests will be sent for oral and written communication. Βοth tests consist of multiple choice questions.

Duration of the tests: 50 to 60 minutes each

Candidates, who will succeed the minimum acceptable rating in each test, will be notified on 2/12/2016,  for scheduling a personal interview at the headquarters of Adecco (Maroussi) from 5/12 to 12/12/2016 (working days, 09: 00-17: 00). Applicants residing outside Athens, and, are unable to attend to Adecco offices, will be interviewed via Skype (video call) in the same process.

Completion duration of each test: 50-60 minutes.

Competency Based Interview

The competency based interview focuses on the assessment of knowledge, abilities and skills of each candidate through specific examples. The questions are conducted in such a way that each candidate should describe:  1) situation, 2) actions, 3) results

Indicative assessed skills include: critical thinking, self-control, initiatives, result orientation, customer services, communication skills, professionalism, team spirit, motivation, time management.

Maximum interview duration: 60 minutes

Applicants who will qualify for the final evaluation will be called on the 14th of December for scheduling an interview for the 15th or 16th of December with SNFCC officials.

The Internship program will start on the 19th of December.

Good luck!