Under the 03-03-2016 decision, the Board of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) approved the establishment of the Environmental Unit for the operation of the SNFCC, in accordance with the provisions of the Permit on Approval of Environmental Terms issued for the SNFCC, as amended applies and the relevant legislative framework.

The Environmental Unit is responsible for the following: 

• Compliance with the environmental terms of SNFCC during the operation phase.
• Submission of required periodic reports
• Design, development and implementation of the Environmental Management System (EMS) during operation of the SNFCC.
• All other provisions by the Permit on Approval of Environmental Terms and the relevant legislation. 

Moreover, the Environmental Unit will be the liaison of the Organization and the SNFCC with the competent authorities of the Public Administration.

The executives of the Environment Unit and their responsibilities are as follows:

1. Head Manager of the SNFCC Environment Unit. As head manager of the Environment Unit is designated Mr. Elpidoforos Pappas, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of SNFCC SA.

The responsibilities of the Head Manager are as follows:

• Supervision – monitoring of the SNFCC EMS
• Communication with third parties on environmental issues
• Updating the Management on environmental issues
• Monitor the implementation of EMS procedures
• Apply proper methodology for the implementation and maintenance of environmental management programs
• Organizing and conducting Internal Audits
• Ensure compliance with the EMS review procedure by the Management
• Establish environmental objectives and targets and implement proper methodology for their monitoring
• Define, implement and monitor preventive control measures for environmental management
• Monitoring and inform subcontractors, suppliers, partners and other parties involved in the Organization’s EMS
• Update Public Authorities on the Organization’s actions related to environmental management
• Implement methodology to improve the EMS
• Disclosure EMS results - reporting
• Develop a Budget for Environmental Management 


2. Deputy Manager the SNFCC Environment Unit. As deputy manager of the Environment Unit is designated Mr. George Liakeas, Deputy Facilities Manager of SNFCC SA.

The responsibilities of the Deputy Manager are as follows:

• Monitoring the SNFCC EMS operation
• Documents & archives management
• Archiving EMS documents and files
• Assessment of suppliers and subcontractors with regards to environmental management aspects
• Monitoring the progress of implementation and of any corrective actions required for the EMS

Indirectly, in the Environment Unit participate also members of the Management Board of the Organization. Specifically, Mr. Nikos Manolopoulos, Managing Director of the SNFCC SA (Management Representative) participates in the Environment Unit as part of his duties for the full management of the Organization, and has the direct supervision of the Environment Unit and the EMS operation.

3. Environmental Unit Technical Consultants:

  • Michael Fytilis
  • Chionia Papaioannou

by ENGIE, a provider of integrated services for the maintenance of facilities at SNFCF.