2014: Dance of the Cranes

In June 2014, the construction site of the SNFCC hosted its first ever choreographed dance performance, in the area of the Stavros Niarchos Park. The “Dance of the Cranes” was inspired by the project’s architect, Renzo Piano, and executed by Myron Michailidis, the artistic director of the Greek National Opera (GNO). The central protagonists of this innovative choreography were none other than the 10 construction cranes, working daily on the SNFCC site.

The unique, fifteen-minute performance began just before sunset. The cranes started to move rhythmically over the most emblematic part of the construction project, the 14-meter high artificial Hill. The dance moves of the 10 Cranes filled the atmosphere, with the invaluable musical contribution of the GNO Orchestra, and imparted a sense of musicality, of unlimited creativity and optimism to every corner of the construction site. This first ever choreography officially gave life to the SNFCC, making the statement that the SNFCC is an active part of the city and the country, ready to contribute through various experiences in lyricism, education and culture.

This original dance performance was part of the 3rd Annual International Stavros Niarchos Foundation Conference on Philanthropy, held in Athens between June 26 and 27.